Business Loans for you

Business Loans for you

  Business Loans for you


Why do you need a business loan?

Business loans are essential for every business. Having a great business idea in mind is not the only way to make that business work. Along with a good business plan you also need the finance to back up the project. You can take the assistance of bank loans for this purpose. But not always does a startup have a good credit score registered in the name of the owner. In this section we will take a look at the various types of loans a business model can get and the requirements of a secured loan vs and unsecured loan.

Secured Loans for business loans:

If you have a decent credit score under your name, you can make use of this score to get loans from the bank for your business model. Banks and other well established firms rely on good credit scores of individuals before giving them a business loan. This way the banks find it easier to get the money back from them. In secured loans, the banks take some form of collateral from the borrower before giving him a loan. This collateral can be used against the borrower if he fails to repay the loan on time. Advantages of secured loans are:

  1. Businesses can take huge business loans to fulfill their necessities. Banks will not shy away from providing huge loan amounts to people who have collateral to provide the banks.
  2. The interest rates are low on these secured loans and there are higher borrowing limits .You are eligible for higher amounts of loans if you can provide higher value of collateral. The bank will make use of the collateral if you cannot fulfill the loans. The lower interest rates allows the business to take higher amounts of principal money.

Unsecured Loans for Business Loans:

business loansMany online money lenders provide business loans to people with bad credit scores. These money lenders do not check the credit scores of the person and provide these loans to them instantly. You will not be looked into for financial collateral since there is no need to provide any to avail an unsecured business loan. Make sure that you compare the prices of various online money lenders before you choose the perfect  business loan with the right tenure as well as the interest rates. Advantages of a secured loan:

  1. Secured loans are provided instantly. Your business idea will be given little thought and you will get a loan if you have the right documents.
  2. Your credit history will not be taken into consideration. Even if you have a record of a bad credit history, you are applicable to get a loan from these banks.
  3. No collateral will be taken from you if you avail this loan. Thus if you have zero collateral you can still avail this loan without any problems.
  4. Although you will get a loan, you will still need to pay higher interest rates because there is no collateral you are assuring the money lender.

Consolidation of loans:

If you have multiple business loans registered under your name, there may be problems of either variable interest rates or the dynamics of the loan amount will not be as you assume it to be. Thus if you have many loans under your name, you can take a look at other loans for your business and consolidate all of them into a single loan. This loan amount is clubbed together and depending on your financial statistics as well as the history of your previous loans a particular interest rate is fixed for you. Let us take a look at when you need to get your loans consolidated.

  1. If you are getting cheaper interest rates for your business model, you can choose this form of loans.
  2. Having multiple loans can be extremely taxing. You need to keep track of the various EMI’s you need to pay every month. Along with the various loan EMI’s you also need to pay higher interest rates.
  3. This option will also help you save more and spend less money on monthly repayment options.
  4. If you have problems sticking to the variable interest rates, you can make use of the fixed interest rates for availing business loans.
  5. Refinancing your business loans can also help you in increasing your tax benefits.

Before you choose a bank to refinance your loans, make sure that you compare all the interest rates along with the upfront fees and other fees like mortgage fees, registration fees, business loan service fees, exit fees and mortgage establishment fees. Make sure that these fees are well within your budget. Having a clear idea of what you need to do is very important before taking such a huge step.

You need a loan to start your business and help your finances. These finances include paying deposits for the space you have rented, paying money for the various services you employ as well as the amount of funds that are allocated to pay the employees. Depending on type of credit you have you can choose a loan that suits you. If you have a decent credit value, you can choose secured business loan. On the contrary, if you do not have a decent credit score you can opt for unsecured business loans. These loans are provided on the internet. Make sure you choose between the various servicers who provide these loans.

In unsecured loans, you will be readily given loans without any look at your assets or your credit score. These business business loansloans are provided easily and they do not need any collateral. Due to this, the servicers charge you a hefty amount as interest rates. Since the money lenders are offering you the business loans they are in complete control of them and will dictate their policies to you. Before getting a business loan it is always necessary to go through the policy statement and understand the repercussions of taking the loan as well as make sure that you do not get cheated for the price they charge you.